Friday, September 25, 2009

The student art majors are in for a treat! Today at 4 p.m. they will be ripping down the Jonathan Brilliant statue which was built in the Lightwell two weeks ago.

Brilliant is an artist that makes all of his pieces out of scraps or metal, Starbucks stir sticks, Starbucks slid grips, or popsicle sticks. He came to OU August 28th and built the huge statue out of Starbucks stir sticks.

The statue is not glued, but rather woven together to hold up. Literally someone could walk over and hit it and the whole thing will fall down.

Graphics design major Megan Gessouroun said she went to hear Brilliant speak and said he has made many sculptures in the forms of a chandelier made out of popscicle sticks that hung from the ceiling and a human sized soda bottle made out of scraps of metal and painted white which now sits in a park.

"Art is how we express ourselves and shows who we are as people," Gessouroun said. "From country to country art is different and it really is more than just something to look at. There are various forms such as advertisements, building designs, and digital games."

Brilliant also makes his sculptures at the place where it is going to be displayed. When he came to OU to make his "Urban Jungle" he brought his own lift because he said the lift OU provided was too slow.

The ripping down party the art school is having today, Friday, at 4 p.m. is said to be a fun exciting time.

"I think that Brilliant thinks art should be fun as well as something nice to look at,"Gessouroun said. "He likes the idea of the tearing down parties. He also likes the idea of temporary art, each is unique and special so enjoy it, and then enjoy taking it down."

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Student Art Gallery in the University of Oklahoma's Memorial Union lets any student sale their own art for their own price.

"They have to set up a time for us to view the art to make sure it is not voulger and once we have okied it they set their own price," junior Katie Balin said who works at the gallery. "The student gets to keep 80 percent of what they sale."

Balin said the gallery does not do seasonal art but the individual student may chose to do seasonal art.

"Alison Ehtisham makes bouquets and she will do seasonal bouquets for fall, summer, spring and winter," Balin said.

The students who put their art in the gallery also get to keep it there until they take it out, someone buys it, or they graduate.

The Student Art Gallery has been opened since 1999, and is run by students.

"The University of Oklahoma's Student Art Gallery provides an outlet for students to expose their creative talent to Norman and the University community," the Student Art Gallery's website states located at

If a student would like to add his or her art to the gallery their phone number is (405) 325-8563.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Although this bog is geared towards young artists and their latest creations, there are a couple of pictures that needed to be posted. These pictures are an assignment for a Sense of Place and a Person Without a Portrait photos.
Both photos were taken outside of the Gaylord School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The first is a sense of place photograph showing intense lines that draw the viewer to the Athletic ticket office sign. The second picture a Person without a Portrait and it shows the contrast of the closeness of the bushes but shows depth of field of the bag, book, and iPhone.
I hope that both pictures capture an audience respectively but, probably more of an OU audience since they were taken on campus. The SOP shows the place where most students spend time purchasing their tickets for the big game. Everyone can relate!
Thanks for looking out,