Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mocha, Latte, or Americanna?

Many OU art students attended the Mocha Club meeting last Friday night to hear live acoustic music and hold a bake sale at the Loft located on Campus Corner.

The Mocha Club was a non-profit with the mission of helping to build infrastructure and providing basic necessities for people in Africa. They encourage people to give up two mocha's a month and give $7 to the mocha club to help build schools and provide education and water.

The hip new band called Lauren Band preformed on Friday night. Many art students love Lauren's band because she plays mellow tunes acoustically with the help of bongo drums.

"She is an amazing singer, and every song she played she transformed it to give the song a new feel," Senior Carmany Phillips said. "They would take a pop song and make it a slow song. They did great."

The Mocha Club also held a bake sale with tons of goodies for the art, music, and givers to buy which would help fund their cause.

"I liked how the Mocha Club used art and music to make people interested in their cause,"music lover and OU sophomore Bailie Gregory said. "It also set a really chill mood."

The Mocha Club was founded a little over five years ago, and holds meetings in almost every town to try to make a difference not just in the community, but the nation.

"I think it's awesome how their cause puts everything into perspective," Gregory said. "I can buy a mocha or I can give an impoverished child clean water for a month. It's crazy how privileged we are in America and how much we take for granted when there is so much need in other parts of the world."

For more information on a Mocha Club in your area, please contact or

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